Why I AVOID CRYPTO // Dangers of BITCOIN, NFTs & SPECULATIVE Assets // Investing vs Speculating

Why I AVOID CRYPTO? Should I Invest in BITCOIN, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Hype Stocks and SPECULATIVE Assets? What are the RISKS of Crypto? Will Crypto RECOVER? What is the Difference between INVESTING and SPECULATING? How can I “Get Rich Quick”?

This isn’t the kind of video I usually make. I try to avoid negativity which is why I have NOT spoken about Crypto in over 3 years but with the FTX Scandal and Bankruptcy and Crypto CRASH, I had to share my thoughts and raise these very REAL dangers. Real people are losing REAL money because of misinformation, hype and frankly irresponsible behaviour of YouTubers and influencers. You should NEVER try to “Get Rich Quick!” That’s NOT Investing! That’s Speculating and Gambling! Investing is building wealth in the LONG TERM! I hope that I’m wrong and I hope that Crypto recovers but even so, it’s important to be aware of the many RISKS with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

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-Intro: 0:00
-Speculating vs Investing: 1:50
-Stocks: 3:08
-Speculative Asset: 4:01
-Gold: 5:09
-Easily Replaced: 6:00
-Scarcity is NOT Value: 6:59
-Blockchain: 8:15
-Crypto as Currency: 9:17
-FTX & Crypto Exchange Risks: 11:38
-Regulations: 12:05
-Evaluating Investments: 14:41
-Speculating is Gambling: 15:48
-My Crypto Portfolio: 16:40
-Will Crypto Recover? 18:18
-Closing Thoughts: 21:06

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