Market Update: Bitcoin, On Chain, Markets and Macro

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Brief Headlines In Case You Missed It
01:41 The Good
01:52 Bitcoin Pumps as Dollar Dumps
02:18 Institutions Are Buying Bitcoin Despite Extreme Fear
03:03 Bitcoin Option Action for OCT – Bullish
03:45 Digital Asset Inflow – 3rd Wk Positive
04:12 Bitcoin Spot Highest Level Since May 2021
05:00 Brits Buying Buckets of Bitcoin
05:48 What Hardness Looks Like: Bitcoin
07:18 Money Flows By Crypto Asset
08:18 Altcoin Season – No Change Since Last Week
08:43 Puell: Will This Time be Different?
10:02 Stocks Keep Rallying So Far in Oct – Barrons
10:58 Everything Green – Except Petrobrasil
11:24 GBTC Discount 35% – Free till 2045!
11:41 GBTC – The Arb Nobody is Taking
12:36 Bitcoin Support Levels Since 2020
14:37 This will Help Ethereum and hurt ETHE
15:36 Stabelecoin Net Position Change
16:27 This Chart Does Not Corroborate
17:12 Fed Pivot = Dollar Crash = Crypto Boost
18:50 Cathie Bought Tesla Dip
19:37 The Bad
19:40 Fear & Greed – Flatlining at 20 in Extreme Fear
20:01 Bitcoin Hashrate New ATH
20:51 Miner Revenue per Exahash
22:36 Miners Distance from ATH
23:34 More Bitcoin Game Theory
24:40 How Good Are Inflation Forecast Experts?
25:11 Modern Families
26:48 The Ugly
26:51 KPMG CEO Survey

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