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00:00 Introduction
01:00 How would your allocations change if you only had $60k to invest? For small players, with “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” in mind, how do we play this to maximize the square footage of our eventual Bora Bora villas?
01:22 $60K and Risk
02:18 My 90’s Strategy
02:51 How $60K Becomes $1M in 10 Years
03:38 Invest in Disruption! NFA
05:12 With approx 20% of Tesla’s revenue from China and a major crisis looming there, what do you think the impact of this will be on Tesla if the Chinese Economy were to crumble down?
05:45 China Market
06:46 Tesla Share of EV’s – Explained
07:45 Demand eg US Model Backlogs
08:40 California Leads the Way in Trends
09:00 CA Data: Tesla CRUSHING LUXURY
10:10 Please update us about MSTR short squeeze. I thought it was going to dip back down quickly, but it just keeps going up!
10:27 I reported a few Short Squeezes on MSTR
10:48 MSTR:BTC
12:16 MSTR:BTC Compared to BTC
12:47 BTC:MSTR
13:35 The MSTR Gambit
15:27 Is there any good typical play on how holders should trade a short squeeze?
15:40 Short $Hit List
16:44 Definitely Short Squeeze Season
17:46 Given that every chain paying attention knows we make data driven decisions, how hard would it be for Solana-maxis to manipulate the KPIs we use to inflate the resilience of SOL?
18:26 Recommended Reading
19:31 How to Spot Fake Data
20:46 Hypothetically, if the Fed stopped printing money and kept the money supply fixed as it is now, wouldn’t that solve inflation over time and fix “the system”?
21:08 Technically yes But…..
21:47 Fed Will Never Stop Printing Because…
23:05 Deflationary Death Spiral
24:24 Can you comment on the composition of Sofi’s latest Web3 (TWEB) and Energy (ENRG) ETFs – are they good investments?
26:17 Remember Just 5 Stocks [1%] in S&P 500 drove 40% of Returns
27:48 What impact will the launch of BlackRock’s private Bitcoin trust have on Bitcoin?
28:06 BlackRock’s Impact
30:01 Now that BlackRock is offering exposure to US clients only, what is the likelihood that similar institutions in other countries will follow suit? Game theory?
30:11 Re Blackrock Game Theory
31:03 How should I safely store my cold wallet(s) and seed phrase? Wallets in home safe and seed engraved in stainless steel at safety deposit box?
31:36 Cold Storage
32:01 Principles of Good Seed Storage
33:00 Don’ts of Seed Storage
33:26 Seed Storage Ideas
34:00 Our Donations

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